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Comfrey is considered a miracle plant. In our opinion it is the most important plant we grow on our homestead. It is a bio-accumulator. It has a deep taproot that goes into the soil and pulls up nutrients from deep within the ground, and because of this, it makes an amazing fertilizer.


We sell Bocking #4 comfrey only. Unlike common comfrey, Bocking #4 is a domesticated, non-invasive variant of Russian Comfrey.


We use it for:


  • Fertilizer Tea
  • Healing Tea for Human Consumption
  • Feed For Our Animals - to provide them with much needed nutrients
  • Chop & Drop Mulch - Cut the leaves and place it at the base of a tree or plant you want to fertilize. As it breaks down it will release those nutrient to the plant.
  • Wound Healing
  • Compost Accelerator
  • Foliar Feed
  • Tree Bark Healing
  • To Feed the Pollinators


These are just a few of the ways we use comfrey.

Comfrey Root Cuttings (QTY 10)

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